IELTS Speaking Mock Exam Service

Taking an IELTS exam soon? Feeling a little anxious about the speaking exam? Why not take a full speaking practice test before the real one?!

Most students find it very helpful to take a full practice test/exam before their real ones. This is true for driving tests, high school exams or final exams to become a lawyer or an accountant. The same principle applies to an IELTS speaking test. By doing a full mock test before the real one, you will know exactly what it feels like, what the structure is, and what you'll have to do if you still need to improve some aspects of your spoken English to get your required IELTS score. 


The IELTS mock speaking test service lasts 40 minutes and consists of the following:


  • A full mock speaking test for around 15 minutes (parts one, two and three) 

  • detailed feedback immediately afterwards on your performance based on the IELTS marking criteria (fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy, pronunciation) 

  • advice on the areas you should aim to improve most and a brief study plan explaining how to achieve this.


This is a ONE TO ONE service and cost for the 40-minute session is £30. 

IELTS Speaking band descriptors (public version)