New Online Conversation Classes

These new speaking classes are aimed at helping students develop and improve their speaking fluency, range of vocabulary, ability to express ideas more clearly with greater confidence, and pronunciation. Each week there will be a theme/topic with several questions to discuss in small groups. The questions will be designed to encourage participants to share their views and justify their opinions. Then they will be asked to give feedback to the whole class, and the teacher will help with any errors regarding grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. These lessons are particularly suited for students who need to improve their level of formal/academic English. The evening class is also a great way to get extra practice in improving speaking skills for those wishing to take an IELTS exam (particularly for the part 3 speaking section).


When do the classes begin?

Tuesday 20 October, 2020. We are now in week 2 but you can still join! 


How long is the course?

The lessons will be every Tuesday from 20 October 2020 until 22 December 2020, so that’s 10 weeks in total (20 hours). However, depending on availability, you can book one lesson at a time. This means there is a lot of flexibility and you don’t have to come to all the lessons.


How are the lessons delivered?

The lessons will be delivered online using Zoom. Therefore, anyone wishing to take part must have internet connection and a device which enables this (a laptop is advised for effective learning rather than a smartphone).


When are the classes?

Every Tuesday evening between 6.30pm to 8.30pm (UK time). The lesson includes a 10-minute break in the middle.


What is the maximum class size?

The maximum number of students is 10. This should ensure every learner can have plenty of opportunities to practice speaking skills and receive enough support and feedback from the teacher.


What types of topics will be discussed?

The topics should be interesting and generate long discussions. Education, health and nutrition, society, cross-cultural awareness, science and technology, the environment, and work are examples of possible topics.


What level of English is advised for participants?

The topics and vocabulary used for discussion would be suited for students who are at intermediate level or above (B1 level or above). If you find the information on this page a little difficult to follow or understand, it may mean your level is not appropriate for these classes.


How much do the lessons cost?

The first lesson you attend is COMPLETELY FREE! It is so important that you get a feel for the classes so you can decide if you enjoy them and you can learn from them. After this, each 2-hour lesson costs £10. However, if you choose to pay for the rest of the course in one payment, you will be given a 20% discount!

How do I book my first free lesson?

To book your first free lesson, send an email requesting which Tuesday you want to book a lesson for, and you will receive a reply email confirming your place, and a Zoom link so you can join the lesson.


How do I pay?

All payments must be made by bank transfer. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is not possible to receive payment using other methods. For full information, please go to the bookings and payment page in the main menu.